Senator Dirksen 100 Club

The Senator Dirksen 100 Club is a premium level of support for the Tazewell County Republican Party.Dirksen_100_Club_Pin.jpg

The Senator Dirksen 100 Club was launched in January 1991 primarily to help perpetuate the memory of our native son, Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen.  The “100” in the club’s name signified club founder Poley Hoffman’s goal of 100 members contributing $100 per year; providing $10,000 toward Republican causes, especially for electing Republicans for local, Tazewell County offices.  Although the Club has yet to attain 100 paying members in any one year, Club dues do provide substantial help toward office rent, utilities (heat, electricity, and telephone), candidate support, computer/copier maintenance, newsletter, postage, parade floats, festival booths, etc.

Membership still costs $100.00 per year. 

Each year, two member-only events will be scheduled for Senator Dirksen 100 Club members.  In January, members celebrate Senator Dirksen's birthday (January 4, 1897).  In August or September, the member-only event varies by year.  In years past, the summer events were picnics, tours of The Dirksen Congressional Center in Pekin, and a tour of the Ronald Reagan Museum at Eureka College.   Many events include a speaker who is a prominent statesman or jurist.   Also, Dirksen club members receive a 10% discount at Tazewell County Republican breakfasts.

This premium level of support is vital to the Tazewell County Republican Party.  Membership at this crucial time enables perpetuating the memory of Senator Dirksen and contributing to the needs of a healthy Republican Party in Tazewell County.  

Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen knew the importance of an effective political organization and said, "Politics is too important to be left for someone else."

GOAL: $10,000.00



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