Welcome to Tazewell County Republicans

Our Illinois county has a long heritage of Republican leaders on the local, Illinois and federal levels of government who have been committed to accountable, limited, and loyally constitutional government.

2021 Veteran of the Year

Tazewell County Republicans recognizes a Veteran of the Year who resides in Tazewell County; served and was honorably discharged from a branch of the U.S. military; and is consistently active in our community by involving himself or herself in causes or actions that give back and/or in some way, makes a difference in the lives of those in our community.

Ryan OrtegaRyan Ortega served in the Marine Corp at Camp Lejeume, Jacksonville North Carolina and Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan.  Ryan also served in the Marine Corp Reserves in Peoria.

From March 5, 2021 to June 19, 2021, Ryan and his son Ty bicycled across the United States of America, joined by Ryan's wife Grace, starting in Camp Pendleton in California and finishing in Camp Lejeume in North Carolina.  The 3,477 mile journey was called the Ride for Honor Flight, and raised over $13,000 for the Greater Peoria Honor Flight to send veterans to Washington D.C.

See the Veteran of the Year video

K9s for VeteransThe 2021 Tazewell County Republicans' Veterans Appreciation Breakfast featured a keynote speech by Daniel Black, Spokesperson for K9s for Veterans, NFP

This Chicago area organization serves veterans with PTSD by providing service dogs.  Dan's immediate call-to-action included asking supporters to request a specialty license plate from the Illinois Secretary of State which draws attention to PTSD Awareness.  If enough applications, PTSD Awareness Application, are received the plate will be manufactured serve as an inspiration to veterans that they are not alone in this 2nd battle.

See the K9s for Veterans video

Recent Veterans of the Year

Honor RewardsHonor Rewards

The Honor Rewards program is a Fidlar Technologies community service made available through the Tazewell County Clerk/Recorder's office to thank and acknowledge our nation’s veterans for their sacrifices to our country. This program allows veterans in Tazewell County to sign-up to receive an Honor Rewards Card and use this ID Card to receive discounts and benefits at local participating retailers, restaurants and other businesses.

Click Here to Sign Up

Additional details are available at the Tazewell County Recorders office, McKenzie Building, Suite 124, 11 S. 4th Street, Pekin, IL 61554

2nd Amendment Raffle2nd Amendment Raffle Winners

Thanks to all of the supporters who bought tickets for our 2nd Amendment Raffle.

The winners were selected in a ceremony at KAM Shooting Sports on Saturday, May 1.

The drawing can be viewed on our Facebook page.

The work that Tazewell County Republicans performs is made possible thanks to this kind of support from voters.

Additionally, the assault on the 2nd Amendment has never been more intense. 

Again, Thanks!  



Coffee to Meet Senator Sally TurnerMeet Sally Turner

On Saturday, February 27th, many gathered at the Meet Senator Sally J Turner Coffee we sponsored in Tremont.

Sally is a phenomenal addition to the Republican delegation representing Tazewell County in the Illinois General Assembly.
Pictured are all of the Republican delegation representing us.  Rep. Mark Luft, Senator Sally Turner, Rep. Keith Sommer, and Rep. Tim Butler.

Senator Sally J. TurnerSenator Sally J. Turner

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, the special committee to select a replacement for the vacated Senate seat of the 44th Legislative District interviewed nine very strong candidates.  Each candidate brought important and critical attributes to the table but in the end, the committee selected Sally J. Turner to fill the remaining term of this seat.

As the chair of this committee, I had the honor, along with the other committee members, of interviewing and discussing issues, strategies, and logistics with all the candidates from throughout the district.  Given the current political landscape in Springfield, the goals and objectives of the Republican Party, the Senate Republican Caucus and, most importantly, the needs of the people of this district, I was extremely pleased with the candidates who stepped forward.  The decision was not easy and when all aspects were considered and analyzed, it was a unanimous consensus that Mrs. Turner would best fit those needs.

Senator Turner’s experience includes work as an elected official as well as in the fields of political consulting, business, education, legal, court services and more.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois in Legal Studies and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Lincoln Christian University.  Senator Turner also has important experience in State and Local Election Cybersecurity Education and Election Law.  She has numerous professional affiliations and is a very active member of the community. 

I would also like to mention the hard work of the committee which was formed and the process that was used in finding a replacement for the seat.  The committee included the Republican County Chairs or their proxy from Logan, McLean, Menard, Sangamon and Tazewell Counties, the five counties which comprises the 44th Legislative District.  These people were true professionals in their conduct and were committed to best meeting the needs of the district and the Republican Party.  Prior to beginning the process, conversations were held with Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie and key members of the Republican Senate office and other leaders and elected officials throughout the state to establish the needs of the Republican Caucus and the district itself.  After all applications were received, extensive back ground investigations were conducted on each candidate and interviews were held.  Once all the information was gathered, the committee members spent time analyzing and discussing the qualifications of each person.  After all steps of the process were complete, the matter was put to a vote and on the first round, a unanimous consensus was obtained. 

The Tazewell County Republican Party thanks all the candidates who were willing to roll up their sleeves to do the hard work ahead and congratulates Senator Sally J. Turner on her appointment to the Senate seat of the 44th Legislative District.  We look forward to working with her as we progress forward.

Jim Rule



Call to ActionIllinois_State_Board_of_Elections.jpg

The Illinois State Board of Election is trying to adopt sweeping changes to education in Illinois.  Tazewell County Republicans are urging supporters to contact the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to stop these changes.

Click Here for the call to action


Resolution Supporting Sheriff Jeffrey Lower

Presenting the Resolution on April 22

The Tazewell County Republican Party recognizes and supports the efforts of Tazewell County Sheriff Jeffrey Lower during this Coronavirus crisis in his defense of constitutional liberties and personal property rights of Tazewell County residents, highlighted by his decision concerning Pekin Country Club Golf Course.  During a time when we are witnessing disturbing draconian actions taken in the premise of public health that are against the civil liberties entrusted by the Constitution, Tazewell County should be proud to have an elected officer who stands in defense of citizen’s rights.  Sheriff Jeffrey Lower's leadership during this crisis has demonstrated the best attributes of Republican Party principles and leadership.

This resolution was passed by acclimation at the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee Biennial Convention on April 15, 2020.

Presented April 22, 2020 at Tazewell County Veteran's Memorial

  • Sheriff Jeffrey Lower
  • Chairman: Jim Rule
  • Vice-Chairman: Dean Kaisner
  • Secretary: Virg Cihla
  • Treasurer: Vivian Hagaman
  • Precinct Committeepersons: John Ackerman and Linc Hobson

The resolution can be viewed here: Resolution to Suppport Sheriff Jeffrey Lower

News Chairman_Jim_Rule_-_cropped.JPG

4/15/2020 - At the Biennial County Convention, the Precinct Committeepersons re-elected Jim Rule as the Chairman of the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee.  Pursuant to all laws, rules and executive orders; the 2020 Biennial Convention of the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee was conducted as a virtual meeting on the date specified in Section 7-9 of the Illinois Election code, 10 ILCS 5/7-9. 

Unaminously, the Precinct Committeepersons voted to continue Jim's efforts to strengthen the party.

Congratulations Jim!


Our Headquarters has Moved


The Headquarters for Tazewell County Republicans is now in Tremont.

After many years at our former location on Court Street in Pekin, we've relocated to a space that allows us more flexibility, has more parking and saves money.

This location is also more centrally located in the county.

We are still arranging the furniture, but will be fully functional before the March primary elections.

Tazewell County Republicans

127 S. Sampson St.

Tremont, IL 61568


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