Welcome to Tazewell County Republicans

Our Illinois county has a long heritage of Republican leaders on the local, Illinois and federal levels of government who have been committed to accountable, limited, and loyally constitutional government.

Senator Sally J. TurnerSenator Sally J. Turner

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, the special committee to select a replacement for the vacated Senate seat of the 44th Legislative District interviewed nine very strong candidates.  Each candidate brought important and critical attributes to the table but in the end, the committee selected Sally J. Turner to fill the remaining term of this seat.

As the chair of this committee, I had the honor, along with the other committee members, of interviewing and discussing issues, strategies, and logistics with all the candidates from throughout the district.  Given the current political landscape in Springfield, the goals and objectives of the Republican Party, the Senate Republican Caucus and, most importantly, the needs of the people of this district, I was extremely pleased with the candidates who stepped forward.  The decision was not easy and when all aspects were considered and analyzed, it was a unanimous consensus that Mrs. Turner would best fit those needs.

Senator Turner’s experience includes work as an elected official as well as in the fields of political consulting, business, education, legal, court services and more.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois in Legal Studies and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Lincoln Christian University.  Senator Turner also has important experience in State and Local Election Cybersecurity Education and Election Law.  She has numerous professional affiliations and is a very active member of the community. 

I would also like to mention the hard work of the committee which was formed and the process that was used in finding a replacement for the seat.  The committee included the Republican County Chairs or their proxy from Logan, McLean, Menard, Sangamon and Tazewell Counties, the five counties which comprises the 44th Legislative District.  These people were true professionals in their conduct and were committed to best meeting the needs of the district and the Republican Party.  Prior to beginning the process, conversations were held with Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie and key members of the Republican Senate office and other leaders and elected officials throughout the state to establish the needs of the Republican Caucus and the district itself.  After all applications were received, extensive back ground investigations were conducted on each candidate and interviews were held.  Once all the information was gathered, the committee members spent time analyzing and discussing the qualifications of each person.  After all steps of the process were complete, the matter was put to a vote and on the first round, a unanimous consensus was obtained. 

The Tazewell County Republican Party thanks all the candidates who were willing to roll up their sleeves to do the hard work ahead and congratulates Senator Sally J. Turner on her appointment to the Senate seat of the 44th Legislative District.  We look forward to working with her as we progress forward.

Jim Rule



Call to ActionIllinois_State_Board_of_Elections.jpg

The Illinois State Board of Election is trying to adopt sweeping changes to education in Illinois.  Tazewell County Republicans are urging supporters to contact the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to stop these changes.

Click Here for the call to action


Illinois GOP Files Suit Against J.B. Pritzker

“Governor Pritzker is ruling Illinois like an unaccountable king where only he gets to decide which violations of his executive order have his blessing. The Illinois Republican Party will not sit idly by while the Governor of Illinois applies one rule for himself and his political allies and another rule for everyone else. We agree that peaceful protesters have just cause to exercise their first amendment rights, but they aren’t the only ones. The days of Governor Pritzker picking winners and losers is coming to an end. The hypocrisy has to end. The violation of our First Amendment rights has to end.” - ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider

For details, visit TazewellGOP.org/reopen

For a summary form The Liberty Justice Center, visit Republicans sue Pritzker

New Page - Reopen Illinois

Check out our new page with information regarding efforts by Republicans to reopen Illinois


Resolution Supporting Sheriff Jeffrey Lower

Presenting the Resolution on April 22

The Tazewell County Republican Party recognizes and supports the efforts of Tazewell County Sheriff Jeffrey Lower during this Coronavirus crisis in his defense of constitutional liberties and personal property rights of Tazewell County residents, highlighted by his decision concerning Pekin Country Club Golf Course.  During a time when we are witnessing disturbing draconian actions taken in the premise of public health that are against the civil liberties entrusted by the Constitution, Tazewell County should be proud to have an elected officer who stands in defense of citizen’s rights.  Sheriff Jeffrey Lower's leadership during this crisis has demonstrated the best attributes of Republican Party principles and leadership.

This resolution was passed by acclimation at the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee Biennial Convention on April 15, 2020.

Presented April 22, 2020 at Tazewell County Veteran's Memorial

  • Sheriff Jeffrey Lower
  • Chairman: Jim Rule
  • Vice-Chairman: Dean Kaisner
  • Secretary: Virg Cihla
  • Treasurer: Vivian Hagaman
  • Precinct Committeepersons: John Ackerman and Linc Hobson

The resolution can be viewed here: Resolution to Suppport Sheriff Jeffrey Lower

News Chairman_Jim_Rule_-_cropped.JPG

4/15/2020 - At the Biennial County Convention, the Precinct Committeepersons re-elected Jim Rule as the Chairman of the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee.  Pursuant to all laws, rules and executive orders; the 2020 Biennial Convention of the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee was conducted as a virtual meeting on the date specified in Section 7-9 of the Illinois Election code, 10 ILCS 5/7-9. 

Unaminously, the Precinct Committeepersons voted to continue Jim's efforts to strengthen the party.

Congratulations Jim!



WHEREAS, I, JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, declared all counties in the State of Illinois as a disaster area on March 9, 2020 (Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation) in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19); and,

WHEREAS, in a short period of time, COVID-19 has rapidly spread throughout Illinois, necessitating updated and more stringent guidance from federal, state, and local public health officials; and,

WHEREAS, for the preservation of public health and safety throughout the entire State of Illinois, and to ensure that our healthcare delivery system is capable of serving those who are sick, I find it necessary to take additional measures consistent with public health guidance to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19;

WHEREAS, COVID-19 has resulted in significant economic impact, including loss of income and wages, that threaten to undermine housing security and stability;

WHEREAS, the enforcement of eviction orders for residential premises is contrary to the interest of preserving public health and ensuring that individuals remain in their homes during this public health emergency;

THEREFORE, by the powers vested in me as the Governor of the State of Illinois, and pursuant to Sections 7(1), 7(2), 7(8), 7(10), and 7(12) of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act, 20 ILCS 3305, and consistent with the powers in public health laws, I hereby order the following, effective March 21, 2020 at 5:00 pm and for the remainder of the duration of the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation, which currently extends through April 7, 2020:

Download The Executive Order

COVID-19 – Americans value life at more than $1Million per person

The true number is probably 10, 100 or 1,000 times that amount, but this estimate is based on $100Billion spent to prevent 100,000 lives lost.

Cancellation of travel, sporting events, concerts, meetings, church services, etc. is all for the expressed purpose of limiting the spread of the virus by eliminating large crowds.  Called Social Distancing, it is reasonable to add up the wages lost, the income lost and the government spending to come up with a number easily in excess of $100Billion.  Never before have we had a single virus cost us 100,000 lives, but let’s use that number as a reasonable worst case.  And, this estimate ignores what has happened in the stock market, as those losses are likely only temporary.

Having traveled in 29 countries, I can attest that no other country values human life more than we do in the USA.  I’m not embarrassed to suggest that China and Egypt would not spend $1,000 per person to reduce the likelihood of infection.

Our Christian heritage gives us the foundation that we are all God’s children, and therefore every life is precious.

These actions to value human life are being made by individuals, not by the bureaucracy.  We caused politicians to act.  This is an astonishing display of the character of average Americans.

Thanks to God for the exceptionalism of the United States of America.

Virg Cihla

Executive Committee Member

Tazewell County Republican Central Committee

2020 Lincoln Day Dinner - Postponed

Due to the current situation with the Corona-virus (a.k.a. the Wuhan Virus) and in working to stop its spread and the ensuing COVID-19 illness, the 2020 Tazewell County Republican 53rd Annual Lincoln Day Dinner scheduled for Friday, March 20th, 2020, at the Par-A-Dice Hotel in East Peoria is postponed.  The Tazewell County Republican Executive Committee will work with the host venue, keynote speaker, entertainment group and others to determine a new date for the event in the near future (late April or sometime in May).  We will also ensure the new date of the dinner will be compliant with state and federal guidelines for helping to stop the spread of this infectious virus. 

Once this date has been determined, you will have the option of having your payment for dinner and the program (including the VIP Event for those who paid for attending it) applied to attending the Lincoln Day Dinner on the new date or receiving a full refund.

Your support of the Tazewell County Republican Party is critical to our success and we hope to see you at the Lincoln Day Dinner to have fun, build fellowship, make new friends, increase your education and, perhaps most importantly, to aid in the fight against the Progressive Liberal agenda that is attempting to destroy our great country.     

Trump - Pence 2020 Yard Signs are available!Trump Pence Signs

We wanted to update the yard sign offer with a picture of two Trump fans who were thrilled when their sign was delivered.

Tazewell County Republicans has a supply of 2020 Trump/Pence yard signs!

Show your support for our President and Vice President and our determination as Republicans to Keep America Great by proudly displaying this yard sign.

Each sign comes with the wire structure and is yours for a $10 donation to the Tazewell County Republican party. There is a limited supply so don’t wait.  Please limit your reservation to no more than 10 signs.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you make your donation online, Tazewell County Republicans will deliver your signs anywhere in Tazewell County.  Donate Here

We'd suggest that you should tell your friends, but we expect you will be asked where you got the sign in your yard.

The General Primary Election is Tuesday, March 17.  Now is the time to get yours!


Forums featuring Republican Primary Election CandidatesVote GOP

The 2020 General Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, March 17.  In all, there are 32 Republicans seeking 27 public offices on Tazewell County ballots.  18 of those Republicans, including President Donald J. Trump and Rep. Darin LaHood, are running uncontested in the primaries.  In Tazewell County, primaries are crucial since only 10 Democrats will challenge the 27 Republican primary winners in the November 3 general election.

Because primaries are so crucial, 2 candidate forums are being held in Tazewell County featuring Republican candidates in the contested primary races.

Both forums are open to the public with no cost of admission.

We hope to see you at both forums.  "Politics is too important to be left for someone else."   (Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen)

For more information regarding the elections and all of the candidates, visit our Be Informed page.

Our Headquarters has Moved


The Headquarters for Tazewell County Republicans is now in Tremont.

After many years at our former location on Court Street in Pekin, we've relocated to a space that allows us more flexibility, has more parking and saves money.

This location is also more centrally located in the county.

We are still arranging the furniture, but will be fully functional before the March primary elections.

Tazewell County Republicans

127 S. Sampson St.

Tremont, IL 61568

New Voting Precincts in Tazewell County

New Precinct Maps - Many Tazewell County Voters will have new voting precincts.


2019 Veteran of the Year

The 2019 Tazewell County Republicans' Veterans Appreciation Breakfast featured a keynote speech by Gene Neeley, a WWII Vet and founder of Peoria Honor Flight. 

Tazewell County Republicans awarded Veteran of the Year to two individuals, thanks to the quality of the nominations received who met the qualifications of residing in Tazewell County; served and was honorably discharged from a branch of the U.S. military; and is consistently active in our community by involving him or herself in causes or actions that give back and/or in some way, makes a difference in the lives of those in our community.

Clare Christensen served with the National Guard during the Korean Conflict.  Following his military service, Clare continued service to his country with the American Legion, Boy Scouts, Delevan Ambulance Service, Delavan Fire Department, Delavan United Methodist Church and Delavan Community Historical Society.

Jacob Ista served with the U. S. Army.  Following his military service, Jacob served in the Honor Guard for military funeral honors and next of kin notification.  In Jacob's barber shop, veterans were hired, services to veterans were discounted, and clients funded Buy A Vet A Haircut program. His staff's outreach also included support for Goodwill, including the "Stand Down" where over 30 haircuts and other services are provided to veterans. 

 Recent Veterans of the Year

2019 VisionFundraising.jpg

At the April 12, 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner, Chairman Jim Rule made a plea for donations to the party.  He provided a list of the priorities for Tazewell County Republicans to assure donors that the funding is needed and will be spent wisely.  Our keynote speaker, Lt. Col. Oliver North responded with a personal check for $1,000 and challenged the audience to do the same.

Click here for the 2019 Vision

Click here to join the Oliver North $1,000 Challenge

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