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 Our Mission

The purpose of the Tazewell County Central Committee shall be to develop, foster, advance and perpetuate the principles of the Republican Party, to support Republican candidates and nominees for public office in the County of Tazewell and inform the voters of these candidates and nominees, to fill vacancies in office or nomination as defined and required under Illinois law, and to engage in such other activities and perform such functions and services as may from time to time be necessary to further the cause of the Republican Party and Tazewell County.

Click here for the 2019 Vision detailing priorities to Vet Candidates, Talk to our Neighbors, Drive the Vote, Engage our Youth, Tazewell County Republican Women, Energize our Base, and Fundraising.


Office Name Email Phone
Chairman Jim Rule [email protected] 208-9930
Vice-Chairman Dean Kaisner [email protected] 208-4791
Secretary Virg Cihla [email protected] 202-7266
Treasurer Vivian Hagaman [email protected] 360-8238
Executive Committee Name Email Phone
Web Administrator Virg Cihla [email protected] 202-7266
Committee Linc Hobson [email protected] 256-7620 
Advisor Lowell Schroeder [email protected] 696-7181
Committee John Webb [email protected] 267-3122


Precinct Committepersons

Precinct Committeperson Email Phone
Boynton Kenneth Klokkenga [email protected] 256-9680
Cincinnati 2 Kenny Mitzelfelt [email protected] 208-1151
Cincinnati 4 Mary Burress [email protected] 241-7563
Deer Creek Bob Hofmann [email protected]  678-3907
Delavan 1 Kitty Yontz [email protected] 244-7685
Dillon Dean Kaisner [email protected] 208-4791
Elm Grove 1 Diane Shipton [email protected] 231-1010
Fondulac 3 Russ Crawford [email protected] 265-2468
Fondulac 7 Joseph Workley [email protected] 253-1946
Groveland 8 Virg Cihla [email protected] 202-7266
Groveland 9 Debbi Migit [email protected]  264-0190
Groveland 15 Fred Meyer [email protected] 241-1917
Hittle Les Schmidgall [email protected] 242-2944
Hopedale 1 David Snider [email protected] 241-6513
Hopedale 2 Carroll Imig [email protected] 267-8845
Little Mackinaw Bruce Bennett [email protected] 212-1963
Mackinaw 1 Mike Harris [email protected]  359-8969
Morton 1 Jim Rule [email protected] 208-9930
Morton 2 Roy Paget [email protected] 253-0896
Morton 3 Greg Menold [email protected] 303-5567
Morton 6 Barb Smith [email protected] 202-0723
Morton 7 Julie Brewer [email protected] 360-5744
Morton 9 Marcus Greiner [email protected] 264-5497
Morton 10 Vivian Hagaman [email protected] 360-8238
Morton 11 David Zimmerman [email protected] 370-0773
Morton 12 Linc Hobson [email protected] 256-7620
Morton 13 Lowell Schroeder [email protected] 696-7181
Pekin 1 Brad Kobischka none 241-3291
Pekin 5 Kevin Moody [email protected] 642-0582
Pekin 6 Suzette Swift [email protected]  (702) 302-3784
Pekin 9 Craig Billner [email protected] 267-7811
Pekin 20 Jody Baker [email protected] 613-9143
Sand Prairie Mike Thompson [email protected] 253-2476
Tremont 1 John Webb [email protected] 241-3122
Tremont 2 John Lovell [email protected] 657-7183
Washington 1 Dan Wissel [email protected]  208-7641
Washington 2 J. Brian Heller [email protected] 444-7700
Washington 7 John Gibson [email protected] 370-4393
Washington 8 Matt Cripps [email protected] 550-8254
Washington 11 Shelly Marshall [email protected] 275-8781
Washington 15 John Ackerman [email protected] 635-7624
Washington 17 Curtis Marshall [email protected] 275-8783
Washington 20 Lee Randall [email protected] 241-7591

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