Fix Vote-by-Mail (VBM)

Governor Pritzker just signed a Vote-by-Mail (VBM) Law for the November 3 election that will send VBM applications to any one who voted in 2018, 2019 or the 2020 Primary.  All the voters in these elections, regardless whether they voted at the polling place, voted early or voted by mail will automatically get an application for a vote by mail ballot.

Our most urgent challenge is to fix Pritzker's Vote-by-Mail law.  Since the 2016 election's voters were not included in the law and will not receive taxpayer funded VBM applications, approximately 14,000 Tazewell County voters who voted in the 2016 General Election will not get a VBM application.  Many of these 14,000 voters voted for President Donald J. Trump in his 18,000 vote victory in Tazewell County.  That's why the 2016 voters were excluded from the new law.  Republicans need to raise $40,000 to pay to send these 2016 voters a VBM application.

We need donations and we need them by July 4.

Governor Pritzker and Speaker Madigan purposefully created VBM program in Illinois in a way to put Republicans at a disadvantage in the November 3 General Election. 

  • All voters in the 2018 General Election, the 2019 Municipal Election and the 2020 Primary election will receive an application to VBM in the November 3 General Election.
  • Voters in the 2016 General Election were not included in the law. While Trump did not win in Illinois, his candidacy drove a massive increase in turnout in that election.
  • The risk for voter fraud in Tazewell County is very low. Tazewell County Clerk John Ackerman has assured us that processing VBM applications will be secure in Tazewell County.   The cost of the November 3 election will go up dramatically, but our disadvantage is not fraud as is the problem in California where actual ballots will be mailed to voters.
  • Pritzker's program intentionally excludes likely Trump voters from the taxpayer program to mail VBM applications.

18th District Congressman Darin LaHood and 17th District Congressional candidate Esther Joy King have provided significant funding to overcome the Democrat advantage in the mailing of VBM applications.  Their initiative will mail VBM applications to targeted voters in both districts, will receive and file the VBM applications with the county clerks, will verify that the county clerks mail ballots to these voters, and will track whether the ballots are returned in time for the election.

Tazewell County's share of this program in the two districts is $40,000.  To launch the program on time, we to raise that money by July 4.

Secure contributions can be made on this page.  Alternately, you can mail a check made out to “Tazewell County Republicans” to Tazewell County Republicans, P.O. Box 534,  Tremont, IL 61568

We also ask you to share this request for donations with your friends.

$100.00 raised
GOAL: $40,000.00



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