Trump / Pence 2020 Campaign Signs


Tazewell County Republicans has a supply of 2020 Trump/Pence yard signs!

Trump / Pence 2020

Show your support for our President and Vice President and our determination as Republicans to Keep America Great by proudly displaying this yard sign.

Each sign comes with the wire structure and is yours for a $10 donation to the Tazewell County Republican party. There is a limited supply so don’t wait.  Please limit your reservation to no more than 5 signs.

When you make your donation online, Tazewell County Republicans will deliver your sign(s) anywhere in Tazewell County within a week.

We'd suggest that you should tell your friends, but we expect you will be asked where you got the sign in your yard.

Trump / Pence 2020 4' x 8' Campaign Signs for an $85 Donation


Trump / Pence 2020 4' x 4' Campaign Signs for a $45 Donation


These brilliantly colored corrugated signs will hold up in the weather and will proclaim with vim, vigor and vitality who you support to lead this nation and who you suggest others support.  It is, without a doubt, a clear message that Conservatives need to convey and one of these signs could be yours.

We can get 4’x4’ signs, but the 4'x8' signs are all gone.  Each sign comes with the necessary stakes to plant in the ground and if you make your donation online we will install it for you at your residence or approved location in Tazewell County!!!!! 

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