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Most of us as Republicans are looking in the rear-view mirror at COVID-19 and the Progressive Left’s Marxist agenda which shut down a rebounding and growing American economy, wrecked countless small businesses, deprived people of their livelihoods, destroyed classroom learning and kid’s social skills, and countless other areas of what we all knew as our ‘normal’ lives.  Their power grab to control the population using hyped-up scare tactics for the pandemic and mandated vaccines for many throughout the country divided the nation yet again.  But, hey, that’s all behind us now and quickly fading from our memories, right? 

Not much to worry about other issues that people keep making a big deal about either.  Inflation.  The open border and all the illegals, drugs and who knows what else which is flowing freely across it and jeopardizing the national security.  The woke military.  The disrespect for the sanctity of life.  The death of parental rights and the fight against what our children are being exposed to in the schools.  The failing Biden administration’s foreign policy (think the disastrous exit from Afghanistan). A justice department which seems to have two different standards depending on your political affiliation.  Our illustrious Governor who banned us from gathering at all functions including funerals and holiday get togethers but said it was okay to march enmass in a BLM protest.  A president who trips and falls at every opportunity or gets lost in his meandering thoughts during speeches.  A cackling hyena for a vice president who speaks a confusing word salad every time she opens her mouth. Our energy dependence on foreign nations when we have what we need right here.  The kowtowing to China by this administration. The deep state and their invasion of our privacy. The continuing attempts to get the guns and the left’s insane fixation on destroying the Second Amendment while avoiding and denying the real issues.  The Biden appearances of corruption at so many different turns.  Shall I go on?

My point in all of this?  It is time to remember all the Progressive Left has done and continues to do to destroy our country and our state.  It is time to engage and become involved in some way.  We have watched for decades the radical change of the Democrat Party from a rational political party into a machine hell-bent on, as Barack Obama said five days prior to his 2008 election, “fundamentally transforming the United States”.  They have become fanatical in their ideology which is rooted in a deep hatred of America and what our First Principles stand for.   They hate the U.S. Constitution.  They hate our history and are doing everything in their power to erase it from the textbooks and from the halls of government.   It is now very clear; because of this loathing of American Exceptionalism and their intense need to control and have power, the hard left is completely untethered from reality.    

We are approaching the 2024 Primary Election which will be held on March 19th of next year.  Today, a cadre of Republican candidates are working furiously to get the required number of signatures on their petitions to be allowed on the ballot so you can vote for them.  They need your help.

Let me share three stories. 

Did you know there is a trans person running for elected office right here in Tazewell County?  Let me underscore that by saying I don’t care one way or the other how a person decides to live their life.  If a guy wants to live as a girl because he thinks God made a mistake in the biological assignment, he can have that conversation with God at his own accord and in his own time.  I. Don’t. Care.  What concerns me is all the baggage and rhetoric that comes with the trans movement right now and the big debate on what our children should be taught in the school system and at what age.  I am concerned that OUR tax dollars may be spent on transgender procedures. I am gravely concerned how parents lose their right in having a say in what happens to their kids when they step inside the halls of indoctrination…er…education.  All of this is happening due to a miniscule section of our population who seemingly have a mental health issue.  We are sacrificing our own personal values because of this movement. Electing a transgendered person to our General Assembly will likely embolden the movement and fuel the fire of what is already occurring to our children. Our Republican candidate; however, has been a strong supporter of our children and fights for them every day.  He has a deep faith and his belief in the family structure as essential to society is clearly evident.  None of that will matter if we fail to get him on the ballot.  He needs those in his district to sign his petition.  

How about this story.  Did you know one of the most avid fighters against opioid use here in Tazewell County is our own Coroner, Charlie Hanley?  The Fentanyl epidemic is alive and well here in our home.  Charlie is working hard to touch the lives of those affected by this horrible drug and to help people…and KIDS…understand the risk they assume when taking any kind of drug.  He visits schools and is trying to become a part of drug court where he can reach out to people when they are at their lowest to help them.  Last week, at the District 1 petition signing event, Charlie got a phone call of another possible opioid overdose.  He was truly concerned and distracted by that call.  Charlie Hanley cares.  But Charlie Hanley cannot do it if he isn’t re-elected.  And to get re-elected, he needs the support of YOU to sign his petitions so he can get on the ballot.  But perhaps Charlie’s work to save lives and reduce his work as a Coroner isn’t important ENOUGH for us to sign his petitions. 

Here is one last story.  There are three people who are working hard to get elected to their respective benches in the Fourth Judicial District.  Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lisa Holder White was appointed when her predecessor retired.  Justice Gene Doherty and Justice Amy Lannerd were appointed to the Appellate Court.  They all staunchly believe in the Constitution and equal justice under the law.  They rail against policy making from the bench.  I have never seen anyone work as hard as these three.  If you need a model for what a work ethic should look like, pick any one of them.  They drive endless miles throughout 40 Illinois counties to attend events such as ours just to meet us, learn about us and have us learn about them and to get a few measly signatures.  If we fail to assist in getting enough signatures on their petitions, they will not get on the ballot and we will have to be satisfied with the Dems legislating from the benches and continuing the onslaught of corruption at all levels of politics in Illinois.  I cannot stress how important it is to gain control of our Illinois judicial system with people such as Justices Holder White, Lannerd and Doherty.  They need your help now. 

I tell you all this because, in case you have not noticed, Illinois is sinking.  It is sinking fast.  The crop of candidates we have running for office right now are some of the best I have seen.   I continually hear from people how we need GOOD people to get elected and make changes in order to save Illinois.  Well, here they are!  The Tazewell County Republican Party has given you all a chance to see them, talk to them and sign their petitions so they can get on the ballot and fight.  It is a fight they are willing to engage in to make YOUR lives better.  If you don’t care about any of this, then stop bitching and complaining but know you lose the right to complain if you are a part of the problem and not part of the solution.  I know we all have busy lives but I am tired of hearing so many complaints about life in Illinois and no one but a select few does anything about it.  There is no shortage of excuses of why one cannot show up to sign a petition, though. 

This Saturday, November 11th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, the GOP Headquarters in Tremont will be open and all the petitions for candidates who still need signatures will be there.  It will be the last organized event by the party itself here in Tazewell for you to sign petitions.  I don’t organize these events for fun.  I organize them to help get good people elected to office so we can secure a better future for our families here in Illinois.  We need YOU to be a small part of that.  We need you to show up and be a part of the solution.  If you can’t do that, then what’s the point?  Let’s just quit now and let the Dems have their tyrannical way. Let the Progressive Liberal and Socialist agenda prevail.  Maybe you are ok with the Marxist movement reviving its ugly head and controlling all of our lives.  If that is the case, then quit whining and sniveling and moaning about how things are so bad here because you are doing nothing to change it.  If; however, that is not what you believe then help us by showing up.  No more excuses.  Take ten minutes and stop by the GOP HQ in Tremont on Saturday, November 11 to sign a few petitions and enjoy a free donut on us.  It will make a difference, believe me. 

What:  Petition Signing and Donuts

When:  Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Where:  Tazewell County GOP Headquarters, 127 S. Sampson St., Tremont 

Click here for directions.

Hope to see you there!

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