Republican candidates have been very successful in Tazewell County. This year, however, the threats in Washington DC and in Springfield are worse than ever. Check out how Republicans are working to keep the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, working to replace Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the U.S. House, and working to eliminate the super majority that Mike Madigan controls in the Illinois General Assembly.

These 7 candidates, we need to support, we need to get them elected.

Mark Curran - U.S. Senate

Mark Curran is running for the U.S. Senate to take out Dick Durbin.  Dick Durbin has been in the U.S. Senate for too long, he's done enough damage.  Mark Curran is the guy that can do it!

Endorsement PDF

Esther Joy King - 17th Illinois District - U.S. House of Representatives

Esther Joy King is running for the 17th Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives.  If you haven't met Esther, you need to.  She's a sharp lady and she can displace Cheri Bustos!

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Darin LaHood - 18th Illinois District - U.S. House of Representatives

Darin LaHood is running for the House of Representatives from the 18th Congressional District.  Darin has been very good to Tazewell County and he's done a good job since he's been in the House.

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Mary Burress - 46th District - Illinois Senate

Mary Burress is running for the Illinois Senate to displace Dave Koehler. Dave Koehler has been a fixture in Springfield and it's time to get rid of him.  He's done enough damage and enough harm to this state.  Mary Burress can do it!

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Tim Butler - 87th District - Illinois  House

Tim Butler is running for re-election as well.  Tim has been very good to Tazewell County.  He's always been there to support us and he needs to be re-elected.

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Keith Sommer - 88 District - Illinois House

We've got Keith Sommer who's running for the Illinois General Assembly.  Keith has been a long time supporter and fighter for his constituents for their rights in the State of Illinois.

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Mark A. Luft - 91st District - Illinois House

We have a newcomer Mark Luft.  Mark is currently the Mayor of Pekin.  He's running to replace Mike Unes for the seat in the 91st District in the Illinois General Assembly.  Mark Luft is a Republican and can get the job done!

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(Clicking on the candidate's name will take you to their campaign site.)

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