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Our Illinois county has a long heritage of Republican leaders on the local, Illinois and federal levels of government who have been committed to accountable, limited, and loyally constitutional government.

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At the April 12, 2019 Lincoln Day Dinner, Chairman Jim Rule made a plea for donations to the party.  He provided a list of the priorities for Tazewell County Republicans to assure donors that the funding is needed and will be spent wisely.  Our keynote speaker, Lt. Col. Oliver North responded with a personal check for $1,000 and challenged the audience to do the same.

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2019 Lincoln Day DinnerLt. Col. Oliver North

We are excited to announce the Tazewell County Republicans will host Lt. Col. Oliver North, President of the National Rifle Association, at our next Lincoln Day Dinner on April 12th, 2019.  

The Tazewell County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner is our major fundraiser of the year.  We have to fight the progressive Liberal agenda on all fronts and our hard-working elected Republican officials in Springfield cannot do it alone now that Democrats have a super-majority.  Our agenda is simple; raise money, energize our base and recruit good people who can run and win at all levels. 

Lt. Col. North's inspiring message along with the silent and live auctions planned for the evening will be remembered for years to come and will be a gala you will not want to miss.

Event Details


November 6 Election Results

A big thank you to all of you who voted yesterday. Chairman Jim Rule

While we did not do well at the state level and despite losing control of the U.S. House of Representatives to the Democrats, we hit a grand slam in Tazewell County by having ALL of our candidates win!  Add to it, Tazewell County did its part by carrying all the candidates in the state-wide election with the exception of one. Of all registered voters in Tazewell County, 57.6% participated in the electoral process and that is a phenomenal number for a mid-term. 

Another interesting fact is our Early Voting initiative hit a 15% mark which was at our target goal!

See all the election results here

Many people devoted an immeasurable amount of time to this effort from Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen to volunteers who manned the office, made phone calls to encourage people to vote and who were on standby ready to give anyone who needed a ride to the polls.  Thank you to all who manned the festival booths and walked in parades with candidate t-shirts and supporting them at various events.  Thanks to all who posted yard signs and talked to family and friends about the importance of this election or wrote letters to the editor.  Thank you to all who work as Election Judges and Poll Watchers. It all culminated in a huge Tazewell County Republican victory over the Democrats yesterday and all the hard work and dedication to Republican and Conservative values paid off. 

I look forward to working with all of you to continue to make Tazewell County a leader in Illinois politics.  

Jim Rule - Chairman - Tazewell GOP

Remembering Wayne Sutherland

"I remember Wayne as being very a conservative Republican and a good Precinct Committeeman. He was active in getting people registered and working with students at Tremont High School.  Wayne struggled with some health problems but stepped up to pull our Trolley float in many our parades. I have good memories of meeting Wayne at the garage and helping hookup the trolley. Wayne was always concerned about the safety of those riding on the Trolley. I shall miss him and his dry sense of humor, RIP my friend it was a privilege to know and work with you."

Lowell Schroeder

Chairman Emeritus Tazewell County GOP




2018 Tazewell County Veteran of the Year

The 2018 Tazewell County Veteran of the Year is James Vernon.  At the annual Veterans' Breakfast at the Knights of Columbus, James was recognized for his act of heroism during an attack at the Morton Public Library on October 12, 2015.  Chairman Jim Rule, a U. S. Navy veteran, explained that veterans embraced a "Code" during their service that explains why many veterans continue service to their community and country long after the end of active duty.  James is an exemplary example of this continuing service.

 Recent Veterans of the Year


News Chairman_Jim_Rule_-_cropped.JPG

4/18/18 - At the Biennial County Convention, the Precinct Committeemen elected Jim Rule as the Chairman of the Tazewell County Republican Central Committee.



Congressman Bob MichelBob_Michel.jpg

Words cannot express the deep sorrow felt by Tazewell County Republicans at the loss of our great leader Bob Michel. His decades of service to our country make us proud to say we know him and we will always remember his many accomplishments. He truly had a way about him that gave you confidence in our government, you just knew all was well.

In our eyes, Bob Michel will always be our Hall of Fame Statesmen and Congressman who will live on forever.

On behalf of Tazewell County I want to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family of Bob Michel in their time of great sorrow.

Mary Burress

Tazewell County Chairman

Robert H. (Bob) Michel Obituary

Rep. Darin LaHood's Statement On the Passing of Bob Michel

Click Here for the statement

President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Election Day 2016 was historic!  Congratulations to all who helped make this happen.



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